Touches of Colour II


    • Still Life
    • Oil on Canvas board, 30" x 40"

I originally completed this work in 2017 as a two-piece painting on 16” x 20” canvas boards for ‘Ozoza Lifestyle’. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to re-create it on a single larger sized canvas and exaggerate the brilliance of the colours. The idea behind it was to celebrate the vibrancy of colour in African fabrics and the significance of the various colours in West African cultures. This is a theme that I have repeated in other African inspired paintings. The blue fabric symbolizes love and peace and the soothing nature of the colour of the sky. The red represents friction in the spiritual or political sphere. White symbolizes purity and spirituality and is carefully intermingled here with gold, which represents wealth and fertility. The synchronicity between the material and spiritual world is hereby represented.