A very white donkey


    • Genre
    • Oil on Canvas board, 16" x 20"

If you ever get the chance to visit St John in the US. Virgin Islands, you will see some wild white donkeys roaming freely on the narrow roads. Apparently, they been on the Island since the 1600s and there are currently about 60 in total now. Now these donkeys are very sweet but also very bold and are not willing to get out of the way for anybody or anything. I took a quick shot of one of them with my phone camera as it was hurtling down the road one evening. It wasn’t the best photograph because his legs were blurred out from trotting, his white coat was so bright against the evening that he barely had any form shadows on his body and the background of the image was thrown into complete darkness. As a challenge, I decided to approach this in a painting denying the existence of black and white. Technically black and white are not even really colors. They do not have specific wavelengths, and therefore they do not really exist. It’s our visual perception that makes us see black and white. So, instead of painting the colours I could see, I imagined colours that I wanted to see. This is how a very white donkey ended up not being very white at all.