• Genre
    • Oil on Canvas board, 16" x 20"

The painting came about through a collaboration with Aziza Atta for her fashion brand, ‘Ozoza Lifestyle’ to depict one of her studio photographs showcasing her wares. To turn a posed studio photo into a genre-painting I try to imagine a story behind it that could give sense to what the figure could be doing. So, I imagined this young lady in the late hours of an “Owambe”, hanging out with a few close friends and just enjoying herself. For those who don’t know, “Owambe” is a Yoruba word, which translates into English as, “it is there”. It is also a very commonly used Nigerian slang for grandiose parties where people wear ‘Aso Ebi’ Nigerian outfits made from matching fabrics, eat good food and dance forever. Nigerians love to party, so I named this painting “Igbadun”, which is the Yoruba word for “Enjoyment”.